The dialogue    part two

The dialogue part two

How to answer the dialogue?      

part two

One verb

We use do ,does or did when we have one verb in the sentence.  

Infinitive                   = Do + subject +  infinitve?

Verb +s                     =Does+subject+Infinite..?

Verb+ ed                  =Did …………..infinitve?

Irregular verbs         =Did +subject+infinitve? 


Yes.l play tennis.

Do you play tennis?

Yes, Ali plays football. 

Does Ali play football?

Yes, l played  baseball. 

Did you play  baseball?

 Yes, l went to the  opera.

 Did  you  go to the opera?  

Two verbs

We alternate  between  the helping verb and the subject  to form the  question. 

Examples:Yes, l will make my bed. 

Will you  make  your  bed?

Yes,l have finished  my homework. 

Have you finished your homework? 

Yes, Mona has broken  the case.

Has Mona  broken  the  vase?

Type B Wh/ How  questions:

Who..?   ask about  people. (Subject noun)

Ali cleaned his room  .

Who cleaned his room?

Whom..? ask about people  (object noun)

I met Maher yesterday. 

Whom did you meet  yesterday? 

What…? For things  and jobs.

It’s a pen.

What is it?

My father is a  doctor. 

What is your  father? 

Where..?   For places.

I live in cairo.

Where do you live?

When..?  For time.

I get up at six o’clock. 

When  do you get  up?

Which…?   For choice.

I prefer the white shirt.

Which shirt  do you  prefer  the red or white one?

Why?  For the reason. 

I  study hard to get high Marks.Why do you study hard?

I didn’t  go to school yesterday  because I was I’ll.

Why didn’t you  go to school?

Whose..? Possession   

 (‘s),my…….Mine,  his.her,hers,your,yours,Our,ours,their.,theirs.

It’s  my pen.

Whose pen is it? 

This car is mine.

Whose  car is  this?

It’s  Mazen s car. 

Whose car is it ?

To be continued…………………

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