The dialogue     the third part

The dialogue the third part

How to answer the dialogue?
   part three


How? transport and health

How are you?                                          –  I am fine,thanks.

How do you go to school?          –   I go to school by bus.

How many? numbers
How many brothers do you have?
I have two brothers
How  much  ? Quantity .
How much  chocolate do you have?                – I have a bar of chocolate. 

long?  For    a Period .

How long  will you stay  in a hotel?                   –I will stay in a hotel for  two  days.

How often? 

 always,usually,sometimes,never,every…..once a week, two times a…...

How often do you play tennis? 

I play tennis  three times a week

How often does  Ali swim ?

Ali sometimes  swims.

Wh/how questions :

 verb to be

Wh/how +is /are/was/were+subject+complement?

What is your  mother?

My mother is  a teacher.

Where  were you yesterday?

I was at the circus  yesterday.

When are you  at the  club?
I am at the club  at six o ‘clock.

One verb :

Wh/ how ….+do /does/did +subject +infinitve?

Why do you go out?                                –I go out  because  l want to do shopping.

Where does Mazen live?                        – Mazen lives in El Montazah district.

How often does he write  his notes?        He sometimes  writes his notes.

When did you  visit  luxor?

I visited  luxor  last winter.

How did Nora travel to London?

Nora travelled  to London  by plane.

Two verbs:

Wh/how questions +helping verb+subject +main verb…………….?

How long will you stay in  London? –          I will stay in London for two  weeks.
What  has Rawan  done recently?              -Rawan has cleaned her room recently.

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