Safety tips to avoid covid-19 APRIL 2020

           Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a zoonotic illness whose side effects incorporate basic influenza, hack, runny nose, sore throat, fever, cerebral pain, sniffling and weariness. In serious cases, the indications may be incorporate pneumonia, extreme respiratory issues, the runs and demise. Because of the exceptionally infectious nature of coronavirus, government and numerous private social insurance segments are turning out with a few security tips to reduce the spread of the infection from one individual to another. There are some tips announced by World Health Organization (WHO) and spread the message to your loved ones. 

You should stay away from Travel if you have influenza like indications like hack, fever, runny nose or sniffling. You should avoid the crowd even on the off chance that somebody is by all accounts ordinary with no coronavirus side effects, they may at present be conveying the pathogens as the hatching time frame for this disease is 14 days. Along these lines, evade the group as you don’t have the foggiest idea who all are conveying the infection and may contaminate you. You should look for medical care, if you come back from coronavirus tainted nations and have influenza indications and trouble in breathing, promptly look for help from clinical specialists or social insurance suppliers. You should stay away from persons who have influenza or basic cold manifestations. Keep up a separation of approx. 0.5m to 2m with the tainted individuals to forestall the spread of contaminated beads to your body. 
You should Keep your hands clean by washing them much of the time with cleaners and water or liquor-based hand-wash for any event 20 seconds at least. You ought to clean the surfaces of your home, door handles, tables, toilets, PCs, workstations, switches and office stationer every day.

You should try not to contact eyes with tainted hands when a contaminated individual sniffles or hacks with no veil, the pathogens turn out as beads and spread on objects like a seat or a table. At the point when someone else contacts those articles and afterward contacts his/her eyes, nose or mouth, the pathogens get inside the body through these mediums and contaminate them. The pathogens can remain alive for around 48 hours in those items.  Older grown-ups have a powerless safe framework which is the reason it is proposed to take exceptional consideration of relatives who are old and wiped out.  If you have influenza like side effects and hacks and wheeze every now and again, consistently utilize a tissue and toss it following use and wash hands with liquor based cleanser and water. If you are wearing a veil to cover your mouth and nose, abstain from conta.
To sum up, we should follow all the tips as possible as we could to save our life from this unknown disease which is called COVID-19.

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