Tongue in health problem diagnosis

           Tongue is considered one of the most important parts in our body,It is also a muscular organ regarding the operate of uptake,taste and speech.It acts as a merely accessible organ for the assessment of health of a personal and shows the state of association of the body.It is same that tongue is that the mirror of the gastrointestinal system and any abnormal functioning of the abdomen and intestines are progressing to be reflected on the tongue.
Some characteristic changes occur inside the tongue in some specific diseases.That is why the examination of the tongue is implausibly essential and might provide some clues for identification.All doctors examine the tongue which they consider the changes in size,shape,color,moisture,coating,nature of papillae and movements therapy.
Appearance of tongue in some abnormal conditions:-
1) Movements of the tongue:-
a) In one facetd pathology of the body(hemiplegia)tongue moves towards the parylised facet once protruded.
b) Tremulus movement of the tongue is seen in diseases like disorder,delirium tremens and parkinsonisum.Tremor is in addition seen in nervous patients.
c) In progressive complex body part palsy there’ll be wasting and pathology of the tongue with fibrillation.Eventually the tongue gets shrivelled and lies functionless inside the ground of the mouth.This condition is said to propulsion of secretion and loss of speech.
d) In chorea(involuntary regular movements) the patient won’t be able to keep the protruded tongue in rest,it will be moving involuntarily.
2) damp of the tongue:-
The damp of the tongue provides some indication relating to the state of association of the body.Water volume depletion ends up in peripheral disorder outlined by weakness,thirst,restlessness,anorexia,nausea,vomiting ,dry and parched tongue.
Dryness of the tongue is seen in following conditions.
a) play of the bowels
b) Later stages of severe illness
c) Advanced pathology
d) Hypovolumic shock
e) ill health
f) Hyponatraemia
g) Acute blockage
h) Starvation
i) Prlonged quick.
3) change in color of tongue:-
a) Central cyanosis:-
Cyanosis is that the light-blue discolouration of the secretion membrane because of decrease inside the number of part within the blood.This is seen in heart disease,respiratory failure and in drive.In symptom tongue,lips therapy becomes pale light-blue.
b) Jaundice:-
This is the yellow discoloration of all secretion surfaces of the body (including tongue)due to increase of pigment inside the blood.Jaundice is seen in disease,bile duct obstruction,increased destruction of Rb Cs and therapy…
c) Advanced uremia:-
This is the increase of organic compound and different gas waste merchandise inside the blood because of failure.Here the tongue become brown in color.
d) Keto acidosis:-
This is the pathology with accumulation of chemical compound bodies seen primarily in DM.Here the tongue become brown with a typical chemical compound smell from the mouth.
e) vitamin B complex deficiency:-
Deficiency of this nutrition (vitamin B2) produces megenta color of the tongue with soreness and fissures of lips.
f) B-complex vitamin deficiency:-
Deficiency of B-complex vitamin (vitamin B3)and another vitamin B complex vitamins ends up in bright scarlet or strong red tongue.
g) Anaemia:-
It is the decrease in haemoglobin proportion of the blood.In severe anaemia tongue becomes pale.
4) Coating on the tongue:-
a) dangerous breath:-
The main cause for dangerous breath is formation of a pasty coating(bio film) on the tongue that lodges thousands of anaerobic microorganism resulting in the assembly of offenssive gases.Those who complain relating to dangerous breath may need thick coating on the posterior a section of the tongue.
b) typhoid fever fever:-
In typhoid fever tongue becomes white coared type of a fur.
c) Candidiasis;-
It is a zymosis that affects the secretion surfaces of the body.On the tongue there’ll be shedding white lesions.
d) In polygenic disease and disorder there’ll be shedding white lesions.
e) Secondary syphilis:-
Syphilis is also a sexually transmitted unhealthy caused by trepenoma pallidum infection.In secondary stage of this health problem we tend to are ready to see secretion patches that are painless,smooth white glystening nacreous plaques which can not be scraped off merely.
f) Leokoplakia:-
Here white keratotic patches are seen on the tongue and mouth.This is a neoplasm condition.
g) AIDS:-
In these patients bushy leukemia is seen.
h) Peritonitis:-
It is the inflammation of the peritonium(inner covering of complex body part that in addition covers the intestines and keep them in position) throughout this condition there’s white furring of the tongue.
i) Acute illness:-
Furring is in addition seen in some acute diseases.
5) Papillae:-
These are little projections on the rongue regarding vogue.There are completely completely different sort of papillae on the healthy tongue.In some diseases there are some abnormal changes that are following.
a) bushy tongue:-
This condition is because of elongation of skinny papillae seen in poor oral hygeine ,general unfitness and indigestion.
b) Geographic tongue:-
Here irregular red and white patches appear on the tongue.These lesions seems like a geographic map.The excact cause isn’t famous.
c) Median rhomboid glossitis.

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