A  journey to luxor

A journey to luxor

       Luxor, the “City of Civilization,” or the “open temple” is as old as history itself. Wherever you go in Luxor, you will find a talking effect of a great civilization, and why not? It is “Thebes” the capital of the ancient Pharaonic state, and it has the most important pharaonic temples and monuments
The Karnak Temple consists of a complex of 11 temples, dating back more than 4,500 years, to be the oldest place of worship known in history, so Karnak Temple is one of the most important monuments and the most famous in the world.
The construction of the Karnak Temple continued about 2000 years, on a total area of about 46 acres, to worship the god “Amon Ra,” his wife, “Mut,” and their son, “Khonsu.” The construction of the Karnak Temple began from the inside of the Holy of Holies, then outward, where the lobby of the largest columns in the world, which contains 134 columns, then the entrance to the temple, which is the famous road of rams.
One of the most beautiful activities in Karnak Temple, which is considered one of the most important features of Luxor, is the sound and light shows that are held at night, which tells its story in more than one language.
The Valley of the Queens is located in the far south of the mainland, built in the same architectural style for the Valley of the Kings, and for the same goal, which is to bury the women of the royal families, princes, princesses and those close to them of the noble class, and is located near the Valley of the Kings.
The most famous tomb in the Valley of the Queens is the tomb of Queen Nefertari, the beloved wife of Ramses II, the beautiful beautiful woman whose husband made her the most beautiful cemetery in fulfillment of her. All the walls of the tomb are decorated with reliefs and murals of unmatched beauty, representing the Queen, and she is receiving guidance and guidance from the gods.
The Memnon statue is one of the most famous monuments of Luxor, located on the road leading to the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, and they are what remained of an ancient temple built to commemorate the memory of King “Amenhotep III”, one of the kings of the family of 18, which is considered one of the most powerful families that ruled ancient Egypt. The Memnon statue is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Luxor, which tourists are keen to stand at, and contemplate the greatness of ancient Egyptian history. They are called “Memnon Giants”, where the height of one statue is about 21.90 m. One of the statues; the air was passing through those cracks, making a voice like a whining, it was said that the whining or hero of the “Memnon” who was killed by “Achilles” during the Trojan wars was said.
Luxor Corniche is one of the most important entertainment venues in beautiful Luxor. The Corniche extends over 2000 AD, starting from the Iberotel Hotel sign, to the north of Luxor. There is nothing more beautiful than a picnic with your loved ones with a cabriolet on the Corniche of Luxor, in addition to watching the banks of the river from it, and it is filled with boats, and ships that take tourists on Nile cruises, nor the most wonderful of that.
The market is a similar version to the Khan Al-Khalili district in Cairo, where it is filled with tourist attractions, antique shops, antiques, crafts, handicrafts, papyrus, and accessories of the Pharaonic character, in addition to perfumery stores and clothing stores of ancient Pharaonic style.
The Temple of Horus in Edfu consists of a large edifice with two towers, then a large courtyard, surrounded by columns on 3 sides, then we reach a hall with columns with heads in the shape of a lotus flower, to reach an area where the light dims a little, then finally we reach the last point of the temple , Which is the most holy place. The most prominent feature of the Temple of Horus is the Nile Scale, the birthplace of the deity, and it is a small temple similar to the Greek temples.

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